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Therapy & Rehabilitation


Therapy is Available to Both Short & Long-Term Patients

• Physical Therapy: Strengthening, Balance, Mobility, Endurance

• Occupational Therapy: Activities of Daily Living & Fine Motor Skills

• Speech Therapy: Speech/Language, Cognition, Eating/Swallowing

• Restorative Therapy: Maintaining Current Skills & Preventing Decline

• Outpatient Therapy: Visit Care-Age for On-Going Therapy

Short-Term Subacute Rehabilitation Therapy

The Care-Age of Brookfield Short-Term Rehab Unit is a Separate Rehab Unit with its own Private Lounge for Relaxation or Dining & Access to the Outdoor Courtyard.  All Rooms are Large Private Rooms* or Suites* with Private Baths & Individual Temperature Control.  Short-Term Rehab Patients Enjoy FREE Cable TV, Local & Nation-Wide Phone Service, Internet Service & Laundry Service.

*FREE Private & Private Suite Rooms when patient covered by a Primary Medicare or Private Insurance Plan


Whether Recovering from an Illness, Injury or Surgical Procedure, Care-Age Specializes in Returning Patients Home through Successful Rehabilitation. The Care-Age Interdisciplinary Rehab Team Works Closely with the Patient & Family to Determine Goals & Develop an Individualized Rehabilitative Program.

Providing the Highest Level of Therapy outside of a Hospital Setting

• Therapy Available Up To 7 Days a Week, just under 3 Hours per Day, depending on Individual Needs & Abilities

• 1-on-1 Therapy Sessions

• Large Therapy Department with 3 Separate Treatment Areas

• Utilizing only Care-Age Team Therapists & Consistent Therapist Assignments to Ensure Continuity of Care

• Care Plan Reviews with Patient & Family

• Home Assessments

• Patient & Family Training for Return-to-Home Preparation

• Provision of Durable Medical Equipment & Assistive Devices

• Facilitation of After-Care Needs: Outpatient Care, In-Home Care, Assisted Living