Other Services & Amenities

◄ Primary Care Physician Services

◄ Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Services

◄ Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Audiology Services

◄ Pharmacy, Lab, Diagnostic Services

◄ Dietitian Services & Special Diets

Homemade Entrees & Selective Menus

Furnished Double, Private & Private Suite Rooms

◄ Individual Temperature Control for All Rooms (Heat & A/C)

FREE Private & Private Suite Rooms
        (When Patient Covered by a Primary Medicare or Private Insurance Plan)

FREE Cable TV Service for All Patients

FREE Internet Service for All Patients

◄ Local & Nation-Wide Phone Service Available (FREE for Short-Term Rehab Patients)

◄ Laundry Service Available (FREE for Short-Term Rehab Patients)

◄ Housekeeping & Maintenance Services

◄ Spa Rooms with Whirlpool Tub, Shower, Warming Lamps

◄ Beautician & Barber Services

◄ Banking Services

Recreational Activities

Religious Services

◄ Community Room / Library with Computer Availability

◄ Private Dining Room

◄ Secure Outdoor Courtyard